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Do’s and Don’ts When You Sell Property Without Agent in Ottawa

sell property without agent in Ottawa

When you sell property without agent in Ottawa, there are things that you need to do and things that you should not do. If you arm yourself with the right knowledge about selling your property by yourself, you can definitely get a great deal.

Do’s When You Sell Property Without Agent in Ottawa

Here are the things that you need to do when you want to sell your property without a real estate agent:

Do invest in a good property listing.

A good listing will almost always get the sale. However, even if the property is good but the listing is bad, there is always a chance that it can sit on the market for long. A good property listing is one that grabs the attention of potential buyers. It makes your property stand out from the rest.

Do make the property sellable.

A good way to make the property sellable is to prepare it physically. Make sure that the property is in good condition. If there are things that need attention, you should look into it. Having a good home inspection report will give your potential buyers peace of mind about the real condition of the property.

Do market the property right.

Marketing plays a vital role if you really want to sell property without agent in Ottawa. A simple marketing technique that you can use is to put up fliers within and outside your neighborhood. For a more up to date marketing technique, you can list your property in different real estate websites.

Don’ts Of Selling A Property Without An Agent

Now, let’s look at the don’ts in selling a property without an agent:

Don’t over or underprice the property.

You should put up a fair market price for the property that you are selling. Overpricing and underpricing both have disadvantages on the sale. If the property is overpriced, buyers will not be too interested. This is particularly true if there are other properties in the area that are priced considerably lower than your asking price. On the other hand, underpricing is not good as well. If the property is already underpriced and the buyer asks for a discount, you may end up losing financially on the sale.

Don’t set your expectation too high.

If you are selling the property by yourself, don’t expect that you can sell it as quickly as you want. Remember that since you have lesser real estate connection and marketing venues, you may not be able to sell quickly. Just don’t give up. You will be able to sell your property but just be realistic with your expectations.

To sell property without agent in Ottawa is easy if you just prepare yourself beforehand. Know what you need to do and what you should avoid.