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Home Selling in Ottawa – Real Estate Agent Or Do It Yourself?

home selling in Ottawa

If you are selling your home in Ottawa, you have basically two options. First option is to get yourself a real estate agent and the second option is to do the selling yourself. Both have their own pros and cons. Which one is a better option when it comes to home selling in Ottawa?

Pros and Cons of Getting A Real Estate Agent

The advantage of getting a real estate agent is that there will be someone knowledgeable to do most of the home selling work for you. A good real estate agent will do the following:

• Go through the home selling process for you so you will better understand the process
• Make sure that all legal aspects of the sale is well taken care of
• Put you on the advantage at the negotiating table
• Help you sell your house faster and for a better price
• Help prepare the home for inspection
• List your home on websites and other advertising platforms

The disadvantage of selling your home through a real estate agent is that you will have to shell out at least 7% of your home selling price. There is a cost involved in hiring a real estate agent. They do the work but you have to pay them to do it for you.

Pros and Cons Of Doing It Yourself

There are advantages in choosing to sell your home yourself such as:

• You get to save because you don’t have to shell out a percentage of the sales to the agent
• You get full control of how you want to go through the home selling process
• You can sell the house exactly how you personally want it
• You do the negotiation as you want it

The disadvantage of doing home selling yourself is that you may not have the suitable knowledge and skills to do it. Real estate agents have spent years understanding the real estate market and the home selling trends so they know exactly what to do and how to do it. It may cost you even more if you try to sell your home yourself.

Home Selling in Ottawa

So which is then a better option for home selling in Ottawa? The answer will depend on a case to case basis. If you are not skilled and knowledgeable with real estate, it would be advisable to get a real estate agent to work with you. However, if you know your way through the real estate market, it is more advisable to sell your home yourself. This option will save you a lot.

The best thing to do is to evaluate your own capability. Are you confident enough to sell your home yourself? Or do you have any doubts that you may not be doing it right? In the end, you should decide based on what you think will work best for you.