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Lower Town Ottawa Real Estate Stats and Information

Lower Town Ottawa real estate

One of the most popular neighborhoods in Ottawa is Lower Town. It is an old community that is rich in history. The building of the Rideau Canal was done from the 1820s to the 1830s. During that time, many of the workers were Irish and French Canadians. Because they had to move for work, they chose to move to an affordable neighborhood in Ottawa and that is Lower Town. Contact us for more details and queries.

Lower Town Ottawa Real Estate Stats

If you are thinking about buying a home or property in Lower Town Ottawa, it would be best to have a look at some of the real estate stats of the neighborhood. This will help you understand better about what to expect from the neighborhood, the houses, and even the pricing.

Here are some Lower Town Ottawa real estate stats you should know:

• You can find old houses in Lower Town Ottawa. The oldest house you can find here dates back to around 1840.

• What started as a cedar swamp, Lower Town boomed into a community with many houses built between the 1890s and 1930s. Around these years, more than 200 row houses were built in the neighborhood.

• There are many different options for housing in Lower Town Ottawa. Most of the homes here are either detached, row, or semi-detached. If you look at the percentage, about 77% of the homes here are row and semi-detached while about 23% are detached.

• The pricing for detached homes differs from the pricing of semi-detached and row homes for sale. The average price for a detached home in Lower Town Ottawa is in the range of $400,000 to about $550,000. On the other hand, the average price for semi-detached and row homes is in the range of $260,000 to about $650,000.

Interesting Information About Lower Town

Here is some more information about Lower Town that you may find interesting as a homebuyer in the area:

• It is amazing that about a quarter of the local residents in Lower Town speak French fluently not just as a second language but as a primary language. The rest speaks English as their primary language.

• If you are a food lover, you will truly enjoy the many restaurants in the area. Imagine 105 restaurants to choose from in the neighborhood! There are also about 79 bars to go to for some fun nights with friends.

• Lower Town is home to the ByWard Market. It is the largest indoor and outdoor market in Ottawa. It sells everything you may ever need from personal necessities to the freshest ingredients for your recipes.

• There are plenty of amenities and facilities for outdoor and physical activities such as baseball, basketball, and skating.

These real estate stats and interesting information about Lower Town Ottawa real estate will help you decide whether this neighborhood is a good fit for you and your family. Contact us for more details and queries.