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Manor Park Ottawa – What Homebuyers Should Know

Manor Park Ottawa

If you are a homebuyer who is considering buying a home in Manor Park Ottawa, you should get to know the neighborhood well first. This way, you can decide whether it is a good fit for you and your family. You should look into the housing prices and other housing statistics of this neighborhood so you have an idea as to what kind of houses and housing prices you should expect for. Contact us for more details and queries.

Manor Park Ottawa

Manor Park Ottawa is situated on Ottawa’s east side. It borders Rockcliffe Park. This is a fairly new neighborhood which is established around 1948. It is the first-ever post-war neighborhood in Ottawa.

Some of the distinct appeals of Manor Park Ottawa are the following:

• It is perfect for nature lovers. The neighborhood streets are lined with mature trees. As a result, the whole neighborhood has an abundance of green space.

• From Manor Park, there is quick access to downtown Ottawa. Furthermore, there is also easy access to major amenities. This makes living in the neighborhood very convenient for residents.

• There are plenty of recreational programs and activities spearheaded by the Manor Park community council. There are after-school programs, sports activities, day camps, and other special events for people of varying ages and interests.

• Residents and visitors can easily visit the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Musical Ride Centre and the Canada Aviation and Space Museum. What a delight it is to know that you will just be very close to these world-class attractions. Imagine that thousands of visitors come to Manor Park Ottawa just to visit these attractions and yet if you live in Manor Park, you are just right where these attractions are. Contact us for more details and queries.

All About Housing

In terms of house pricing, interested homebuyers in Manor Park Ottawa are looking at paying around $251,500 to about $1,700,000. The price of the home will depend on the lot size, house size, and house style among many other factors.

Although most of the homes in Manor Park are single-family homes that have the old charm of the 1950s, there are also many homes here that are new. There are also a good number of modernized homes around the neighborhood. In addition, there are townhouses and condominiums for those who prefer these kinds of housing.

To guide you in choosing a suitable housing option for you and your family, make sure you contact a local real estate agent. You will surely have peace of mind knowing that a real estate expert is handling your homebuying process. Contact us for more details and queries.