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Ottawa Condos For Sale

We created this online destination with a goal of being the ultimate Ottawa real estate site for both buyers and sellers. Our site features the most recent Ottawa MLS® listings that are updated on a daily basis and includes everything from commercial property, rentals, vacant land, townhouses, condos, single family homes for sale and more.

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Why Choose Condos For Sale?

Condos are an excellent option for investors looking for investment opportunities with minimal upkeep needs, especially single-family homes requiring frequent upgrades and maintenance. An investor should know what kind of neighbourhood the condo is in: is it close to infrastructure and other amenities? Or is it in a rural area where few extras exist? And similarly, is there easy access to public transportation and highways? Condos provide rental income and the ability to have a steady cash flow with minimal time requirements since third-party companies manage it. They can make a great addition to your portfolio as they tend to appreciate more quickly than single-family homes. Many condos are available throughout the city, from downtown properties that only offer basic amenities to luxury high rises with modern amenities such as private pools and concierge services.

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