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Ottawa Neighborhoods Worth Living In

Ottawa neighborhoods

Ottawa, Canada is one of the most sought after places to live in, build a family, and even retire after years of hard work. Most of the time, people choose Ottawa neighborhoods due to its income, employment, housing, lifestyle, weather, and cultural aspect.

Ottawa Neighborhoods

Ottawa may not be that big when it comes to size and population but it certainly has enough to get people’s interest at high. It has different neighborhood areas that are definitely worth living in.

There is the Ottawa inner city neighborhood which is composed of Centretown, the Glebe, Sandy Hill, and the Byward Market. In this neighborhood, you will find a mixture of old and new architecture, entertainment centers, and universities. This neighborhood is also a favorite spot to visit by most visitors to Ottawa.

There is also the Ottawa central neighborhood which is consists of the Downtown and the Lowertown. This neighborhood is home to many big offices including the Parliament of Canada. As such, it is not really a residential area but more of a business one.

For the upper class attraction, Ottawa has the East neighborhood. This is where you will find huge mansions and breathtaking lawns. This is usually where the affluent people reside. Think about the Prime Minister and Governor General. They both have their official residences in this part of the neighborhood. Rockcliffe Park is also part of this neighborhood. It is considered as the best neighborhood in Ottawa. Not all will be able to afford living in Rockcliffe Park but if you have the luxury of funds, would you not choose to live in this place? After all, it will not be called the best for nothing, right?

Furthermore, there is the Ottawa West neighborhood. This is the neighborhood that can be considered as urban. This is where you will find residential properties. There are also a lot of commercial establishments around. Some of the main places here are Hintonburg and Westboro.

Aside from these main neighborhoods, there are also the Ottawa suburban areas where you will find most of Ottawa’s homes. This is where a lot of families settle to live peacefully and comfortably.

Ottawa Real Estate Agent

If any of these Ottawa neighborhoods sounds appealing to you and make you want to live and settle in Ottawa, a good real estate agent can help you. Make sure to find one who knows Ottawa and its entire neighborhood. This way, you can get useful help and advice when it comes to purchasing a home in one of Ottawa’s neighborhood.

If you are not from Ottawa and want to buy a home here, it pays off to have a local real estate agent to help you out. Not only can he give you the best deal, but he can also ensure that you settle in the best Ottawa neighborhood.