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About Carlsbad Springs Ottawa

Carlsbad Springs houses for sale is for you when you are planning to move in to this community. But first let’s discover what kind of place is Carlsbad Spring? Carlsbad Springs, an Ottawa suburb and former village, is today a rural sector of the city of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. It is located on both sides of March Road (formerly known as Highway 2) near its intersection with Todd Lane and Silver Seven Road in the city’s southeast area and west of North Gower. Then the first development in this area occurred when the Macdonald family moved into their new home in Carlsbad Farm on October 30, 1836.

 A community grew up around it. Right after the arrival of many Scottish immigrants following the Highland Clearances. In 1994, as part of a comprehensive review of municipal government across Ontario, an amalgamation proposal was put forward by then-Premier Bob Rae. And resulted in all twelve municipalities within the region formerly known as Ottawa-Carleton being merged into a single municipality by 2001. Check Carlsbad Springs houses for sale listings for your dream home search.

Why Choose Carlsbad Spring Houses For Sale?

Carlsbad Springs is a rural area of Ottawa, Ontario, located on both sides of March Road, between Todd Lane and Silver Seven Road. The Carlsbad Springs area is home to many unique locations. Such as Beaverbrook Pond, Millfields Creek and the Carlsbad Creek Conservation Area. As a result, a wide selection of homes from which to choose is available in this area. Ranging from older bungalows and new luxury homes with easy access to all amenities. For your new investment search check Carlsbad Springs houses for sale listings.

 Carlsbad Springs is a varied and vibrant community known for the quality of its schools, good housing stock and excellent location. Located in what was formerly known as Gloucester Township, Carlsbad Springs is now part of the City of Ottawa. The community offers an exceptional school system, parks and green space. And various attractions typically found in larger cities like Toronto, Ottawa, or Montreal. In addition, the community is close to major bus routes and highways 417 and 416, making it an ideal location for commuters heading toward Ottawa.

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