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Lower Town is a residential area in downtown Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. It was historically French Canadian and Irish (as opposed to English and Scottish Upper Town, a term no longer in use), and its total population is approximately 11,377 people (2006 census). New Canadians comprise half of the population and form an essential part of this neighbourhood’s culture and character. Densely populated and ethnically diverse, Lower Town has a long history of change and transformation.

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The neighbourhood’s name reflects its topographic position below that of historic Sandy Hill, which at one time was on an elevated bluff overlooking it from the west. Lower Town also includes some surviving buildings from Old Hull and Gloucester Township and its own built heritage in churches and mansions dating back to the 1830s. However, this area has changed significantly since its early days as French Canadian and Irish immigrants settled here in the 1840s. Lower Town houses for sale listings are available here.

The neighbourhood is predominantly residential in the north and the east. Lower Town also includes the commercial Byward Market area in the southwestern part. Over the past one hundred and fifty years, Lower Town has changed significantly, undergoing rapid redevelopment and transformation. Please see our Lower Town Listings for houses for sale in the area.

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