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Old Ottawa South

Old Ottawa South is one of Ottawa’s oldest neighbourhoods. And with its Victorian-style buildings, it can be mistaken for a small town. The neighbourhood includes the community of Rideau Gardens. Old Ottawa South is between two waterways. The Rideau Canal to the North and the Rideau River to the East and South. It makes for an excellent place to visit and live. Residential property values have increased due to popularity, convenience, and appreciation in recent years.

In 1813, the first European settlers arrived in Old Ottawa South and built homes along the riverbank. Today, Bank Street has become a commercial strip that runs from the Legislature to Carling Avenue, where it becomes Old Montreal Road and passes through newer residential areas. Many neighbourhood businesses line this section, including several pubs and the Mayfair Theatre. Nearby are some Lebanese stores towards the southern end of Bank Street near Billings Bridge. This section of Bank Street is also well known for its antique stores.”

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Old Ottawa South is an upper-middle-class area with tree-lined streets, brick homes and well-tended yards. Proximity to the University has meant that the neighbourhood has been a haven for professors and students, although rising housing prices are driving out the latter. Today, it is also one of Ottawa’s more politically progressive neighbourhoods.

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