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About Old Ottawa West Ottawa

Old Ottawa West is an older urban neighbourhood in Kitchissippi Ward in Ottawa. There are many great things to do in Old Ottawa West. Many green spaces allow for walks, bicycle rides, picnics, and sports activities. Many famous artists have lived in this neighbourhood, including members of the band. We make houses for sale listings for Old Ottawa West. It is for your fast search for a home in the area.

Old Ottawa West Neighborhood-Houses For Sale

Old Ottawa West is in the Kitchissippi ward, one of the twenty-one wards in Ottawa, Ontario. It makes up the region of Ottawa–Gatineau. In addition, it is home to many historic buildings. And a growing number of modern apartment buildings. But then, while most homes are single-family homes, there are many apartments for rent in Old Ottawa West. Bronson Avenue borders the area in the south and Merivale Road on the north side. If you want to find a home in Old Ottawa West, we have many listings of houses for sale here.

This predominantly owner-occupied neighbourhood is close to shopping areas, schools and parks. And natural areas along the Rideau River, with excellent access to public transit. Old Ottawa West is a vibrant, livable neighbourhood. Moreover, it has welcomed new residents and families to its wide range of affordable housing. Old Ottawa West offers many green spaces for walking, cycling and picnics. In addition, this community is home to the popular Nepean Sportsplex, where you can enjoy swimming, skating or bowling.

Old Ottawa West Properties Listings

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