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ORLEANS Houses For Sale

About Orléans Ottawa

Orleans has the largest cluster of francophone neighbourhoods in Ottawa. In the 1830s, a group of francophone families established the parish of Saint-Joseph d’Orléans. And they founded the original community. Orleans has had its share of ups and downs. After Orleans was amalgamated into Ottawa in 2001, development began on the Orleans Town Centre (Centrum Plaza). And it includes an arts centre and Ruddy Family YMCA-YWCA. We create houses for sale listings for Orleans here. Check it out.

Moreover, this neighbourhood is a popular destination for residents searching for parks and recreation, shopping or dining out. We create a listing page for houses for sale in Orleans. Search For your new home here.

Orleans Properties Listings

Latest property Listings in Orleans. Search for your dream home or look for new investment here. Orleans is a charming neighborhood to live.

Why Choose Houses For Sale In Orleans?

This friendly community with many quality schools and opportunities for recreational activities makes it an excellent area for families. In addition, Orleans is located just 20 minutes from downtown Ottawa, so you can easily experience the excitement of city life without compromising on the suburban lifestyle. We have many houses for sale in Orleans for your dream home hunt in the area.

The area known as The Heart of Orleans is a unique, vibrant, and eclectic community. This district features many multicultural businesses, housing and attractions. In addition, it is home to a wide variety of local shops, restaurants, and art galleries. There are also three major shopping centers nearby. Check our listings for houses for sale in Orleans.

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