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About Riverside South Ottawa

Riverside South is an expanding suburb in the south end of Ottawa that is to become a significant community in the coming years. This area has been slowly developing into a popular spot for families and young professionals who want to enjoy nature, outdoor activities, and all this beautiful region offers. With easy access to public transit, and quick access to shopping, entertainment and recreation opportunities galore, Riverside South is becoming an attractive place to call home. Do you fall in love with the area so far? Then check our houses for sale listings in Riverside South now!

Riverside South is a renowned Ottawa suburb located just south of the Rideau River. Set along the scenic Rideau River and historic Train Bridge, Riverside South is home to numerous local businesses and a growing number of attractions. Conveniently accessible from all major roadways, this community is green space, including Watson Woods Conservation Area, the Pinecrest Golf Course, and natural areas along the river. Do you like what you know about this beautiful community? Then, check our listings for houses for sale in Riverside South now!

Riverside South Properties Listings

Why Choose Riverside South Houses For Sale?

Riverside South is just west of the downtown area. With a current total population of about 15,000 residents, this tight-knit community has a healthy local economy. It is to become one of southern Ottawa’s larger communities in the years to come. With an expansive set of local amenities and natural attractions, Riverside South is a beautiful place to call home, especially for those with growing families. This neighbourhood’s history is gorgeous. Do you want to be part of this charming place? Check our houses for sale in Riverside South listings.

Riverside South is an established neighbourhood found in the south-western quadrant of Ottawa, Ontario. Most of its residential real estate planning has revolved around the quintessential suburban lifestyle, so most properties here are detached single-family homes and freehold townhomes. These homes most typically range in size from two to five beds, making for ideal layouts for growing or mature families, though there are some smaller-sized one or two beds suited to singles and couples. Check our houses for sale in Riverside South listings today!

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