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About Rockland Ottawa

Rockland is a small town in the Eastern Townships of Quebec, Canada. Situated on the east banks of the Saint-François River at its mouth, where it flows into the Yamaska River, it is on the south side of Quebec Route 133. It existed as an independent municipality until January 1, 2002, when it merged with Wilno to become the Village Municipality of Rockland. The name ‘Rockland’ comes from two sources; firstly, from the granite rock found along many local streams and rivers and secondly, because of how tightly packed together most houses were throughout much of the town’s history. Do you like this community so far? Check our houses for sale in Rockland.

Rockland, a small bilingual city, located in Eastern Ontario, is home to 13,300 residents and provides a lively, year-round lifestyle. Rockland is located 35 kilometres east of Ottawa and faces Thurso, Québec. Its downtown core offers many shops and services, including many restaurants with cuisine from around the world. We have many houses for sale in Rockland today!

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Why Choose Rockland Houses For Sale?

If you are looking for a small and intimate community with various outdoor activities and amenities, then Rockland is the place to be. With a laid-back lifestyle that embraces a healthy balance between work and play, this area is one where you will quickly make connections that can last a lifetime with neighbours, friends and friendly people around town when you buy a new build home here. Do you love this place so far? Check our listings for houses for sale in Rockland now!

 Rockland is one of the best senior-friendly communities in eastern Ontario. Buying a home here means you will be part of a tight-knit community designed to be safe, functional and accessible for active adults. Rockland emphasizes green building and land conservation, with extensive parklands and trails for walking, cycling and cross country skiing. You’ll also find various services to help make life easier—everything from easy bus access to modern healthcare facilities. Check our listings for houses for sale so far in Rockland today!

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