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Why Consider Buying A Home In Mooney’s Bay Ottawa

buying a home in Mooney's Bay Ottawa

Mooney’s Bay is one of the most preferred neighborhoods in the south end of Ottawa, Canada. The neighborhood is attractive both for first time home buyers and those who are planning to move to a new house. If you haven’t fully decided yet, here’s some information that may help you decide to consider buying a home in Mooney’s Bay Ottawa.

Buying A Home In Mooney’s Bay Ottawa

Here are some information about buying a home in Mooney’s Bay Ottawa that may help you decide whether this neighborhood is for you and your family:

Variety of Choices

There is a wide range of homes in Mooney’s Bay. Whatever type you are looking for, there will surely be a home to your liking. On the east of Riverside Drive, you will find bungalows and split level homes. Most of these homes have been existing since the 1960s. If you want to invest in a rather large house with a waterfront, you will find this type on the west part of Mooney’s Bay. There are also single family homes, condo apartments, townhomes in Mooney’s Bay. Most of them can be found on the south side.

Proximity to Schools

Families with students will be happy to know that there are schools and university within the vicinity of the Mooney’s Bay neighborhood. Some of the schools in close proximity to Mooney’s Bay are Carleton University, Brookfield High School, Bayview Public School, Holy Cross Catholic School, and the General Vanier Public School. These are schools with high quality reputation.

Accessible Location

Buying a home in Mooney’s Bay Ottawa brings you closer to many different attractions and amenities. You and your family can enjoy being close to the Mooney’s Bay beach. This is a supervised beach that is a popular attraction and destination not only for swimmers and rowers but also for sports enthusiasts who want to play volleyball. Aside from the Mooney’s Bay Beach, having a home in Mooney’s Bay Ottawa means that you are also close to other attractions like the Terry Fox Stadium.

Mooney’s Bay has also ease of access to shops and the Ottawa International airport. There are parks in the neighborhood for kids and kids at heart. For those who love sports, Stanstead Park is perfect for a game of tennis and baseball.

Buy A Home In Mooney’s Bay

In terms of choices, location, and amenities, surely Mooney’s Bay is an excellent neighborhood to consider if you want to buy a home. It is best to work with an Ottawa real estate agent to know all your options in home purchase. It pays off to have someone who knows the Mooney’s Bay real estate market from the grounds up. An agent can help you find the best house in Mooney’s Bay that suit not only your budget but also your personal preferences.